Chloé is a french fashion house, founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion. The brand is known for its flexible clothes made of light materials. As Chloé offers quality products, for a high-end clientele, it seemed interesting to create a new identity who affirm this strong identity.


In few days we had to present a proposition of an user experience and user interface of Chloé brand’s website. The demand was to modernize the user interface.


Jessica Kowalska 👉 Marketing & personas
Margaux Renaud 👉 Marketing
Zoé Verdier 👉 Marketing & Arborescence
Guillaume Lebelt 👉 Design UI / UX

Visual identity

Chloé being a brand aimed at a resolutely premium customer, we chose to use light colors, highlighting the work of the designer Natacha Ramsay Levi.
That's why we find white, off-white, and the gold color representative of the brand. The light black is here for the contrast and bring out the text clearly. The fonts used are Futura, for modernity and lightness and Genath, a font that expresses tradition and knowledge.

  • #222222
  • #F5E2C7
  • #F9F9F9


On these few days of projects, we had to make the best use of our resources and time to produce quality work. The very important research phase, with a benchmark of the market and the existing, allowed us not to reiterate the mistakes made in the past. Moreover the conduct of a test on the wireframes allowed to adjust us according to the received returns to produce a final rendering answering the requirements of the customer.


Access to mockups