JUSTWIN is an advertising-based sports betting application. You choose your prognosis, you visualize ads related to your sport or your centers of interests and if the bet is winning, you gain money, without anything spent.
Your only risk is to win !


In one week we had to propose a mvp of a startup project. We chose to work on the field of sports betting while bringing originality


Victor Michel 👉 Concept & Design
Vanessa Gomez 👉 Communication & marketing
Marine Billis 👉 Direction commerciale
Guillaume Lebelt 👉 Design & product ownership

Visual identity

Investing money in sports bets can be a dangerous activity. With JUSTWIN, I sought to bring a more positive image by breaking down the barriers of danger. For that we choose the blue, a color related to dreams and serenity. We use yellow to highlight the point to have a community, in which everyone can play and challenge friends. Green symbolizes boths characteristics at once.

Finally, as JUSTWIN allows to conduct sports bets without risks, without danger, the white is predominant to bring out a sense of innocence very important for the user in this kind of situation.

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Our personas

  • Steven Desplanques, the regular sports bettor.
    27 years old, he lives in Marseille.
    He is a big fan of Football, he practices in club and attends all the matches of his favorite team: Olympique de Marseille.

  • Reddah Hossini, the inveterate horse bettor.
    40 years old, metal worker, he lives in Clamart.
    An avid fan of horse racing, Reddah also enjoys spending time reading the sports press. He bets regularly.

  • Dylan Bertoni, the occasional bettor.
    35 years old, civil servant, he lives in Nice.
    Fan of Tarantino since his 12 years, he believes in luck and loves games of chance.

Application demo

Some Business

400 euros is on average what a gambler loses per year, added to that there are 600 000 risk profiles, with the threat of indebtedness, of psychological distress and social exclusion. JUSTWIN, via its IOS & Android application and a showcase site, allows you to make sports and horse betting for adults with earnings funded by advertising. Bettors win without spending and learn to become less dependent with a daily betting limit and pedagogy. Advertisers gain visibility and qualified audience. It's a win-win system!