My Laboratory

In my Laboratory i like to try cool things, full css img, svg animations or discover css new components. It’s a challenge to reproduce images an creations in full css, or animating a static logo, but it’s fun, and it helps improve our skills and automation !


When i find a nice and fun picture on dribbble or behance, i keep it to eventually reproduce it in full css later. if i read an article or discover new css components, i try asap to reproduce & to discover some way to use this new thing !

Star wars : The Force Awakens

This spaceship, was inspired by a Dribbble, made in full css, no js, no svg, just one picture, the overlay to add some texture. It took a long time to recreate all the spaceship components but i learnt very interesting things in css and positionning.

See it live here !

Little rabbit

This super cute little rabbit was a challenge. I tried to use as few colors and shapes as possible, to optimize the code and the weight of the creation.

See it live here !

Circle Animation

This pen is an experiment of an animation in full css, with some maths, and repetitions, nothing hard, not really optimized, but super useful to understand the css logic.

See it live here !


I do photos sometimes, you can see all my favorites on Unsplash !

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